Collegedictaat "Fotosferische snelheidsvelden"

    Scanned course notes  (1983, 100 pages, in handwritten Dutch)

I wrote these Dutch-language lecture notes on velocity fields in the solar photosphere while teaching a "nakandidaats" (Masters) course at Sterrewacht Sonnenborgh in 1983, building on a similar course I had given there in 1979.  Literally "wrote":  in that pre-LaTeX era I produced lecture notes in pencil, with an eraser as text editor.  The poor students had to decipher my handwriting to get to the content.

Major topics were the history of the solar five-minute oscillation and the theory of atmospheric acoustic and gravity waves.  Much later I summarized these in my lecture displays Five-minute oscillation: observations and Five-minute oscillation:  theory.

The scanned copy linked above uncompresses to hundreds of megabytes postscript in a printer (black & white suffices).  Printing them takes ages, better do so in parts with the from-to print option.