Course notes

These are all variations on the theme of solar (and some stellar) spectrum formation.  The ordering below is by date.  The first course is an extensive text for bachelor students physics and astronomy. The second is a condensed version concentrating on the solar spectrum.  The third is an in-depth treatment at masters astrophysics or graduate student level.  The fourth is a summary for chromosphere researchers.  The fifth is a researcher-level overview.  The last and latest is a brief summary but contains many page-opening links turning it into an extended course.

Start with the first course if you don't know what the Wien approximation is.  Try the second if you wonder about solar source functions.  Study the third if you need detail on the Lambda operator or NLTE radiative equilibrium.  The fourth is for IRIS spectrometrists and (optically) thin types.  The fifth summarizes full-disk solar spectrum modeling.  The last can be read as quick up-to-date overview or studied as comprehensive course encompassing the others.

I assert the moral right to be identified as the author of these notes.  I explicitly permit multiplication and distribution for non-commercial educational purposes.  I appreciate weblinks, citations, acknowledgements - but not sloppy stealing.  I also appreciate invitations to teach elsewhere