DOT pictures

June 2005:
        Darrel Torgerson:   DOT with Rob Hammerschlag
        Daan van Eijk:   DOT top         DOT mirror         DOT platform         DOT cross-leg resonance damper         DOT legs, shadow, data pipe, and SST
        Sylvain Rondi:   DOT googled from above

October 2004:
        DOT overview         DOT in codeso         DOT & WHT in codeso         DOT & WHT         DOT close-up
        Rob Hammerschlag & Felix Bettonvil at lunch         Pit Sütterlin at speckle
        Rafael Kever opening up ATST seeing monitor         Rafael Kever and ATST seeing monitor
        SST         SST top         SST turret
        Rolf Kever opening SST drive         Rolf Kever & Rob Hammerschlag repairing SST drive
        Viggo Hansteen, Mats Carlsson & Luc Rouppe van der Voort in SST control room
        Misty Magic         TNG         Grantecan
        Caldera at sunset

Photographs by Sylvain Rondi, October 2004:
        Rob Hammerschlag opening up         DOT at sunset         DOT at night

Installation of the Halpha filter, September 2004:
        Lyot filter in control box         Mounted on DOT         DOT pointed at sun         DOT top

During a Utrecht University site visit, August 2003:
        DOT seen from the SST
        Platform and telescope (by Henrik Rudolph)         Platform from below (by Henrik Rudolph)
        Mount and mirror         Telescope top (by Henrik Rudolph)
        Norbert Langer, Willem Hendrik Gispen, Will de Ruijter, Rob Hammerschlag & Pit Sütterlin on the DOT platform
        Ed van den Heuvel, Werner van der Weg, & Göran Scharmer
        Felix Bettonvil & Rob Hammerschlag at the SST
        SST seen from the DOT, with DOT image pipe
        ATST site survey tower

During a KNVWS Werkgroep Zon visit, April 2003:
        Group assembly

Mounting more channels, March 2003:
        Multi-channel suppport         Multi-channel support with Bettonvil         Multi-channel support with Aswin Jägers
        Four-channel optics complete         Six-hand four-camera cabling

Utrecht, DOT speckler definition, November 2002:
        Alfred de Wijn + sketch         Aad van der Steen         Felix Bettonvil         Pit Sütterlin         Michiel van Noort         result

Observing after snow, April 2002:
        Roque de los Muchachos overview         DOT, WHT, SST:  three very different telescopes
        DOT with ice         DOT ladder with ice
        DOT top within closed canopy         DOT, WHT, SST during solar observing         DOT pointed at the sun         DOT pointed at the sun:  cutout
        Open DOT with Bettonvil & Sütterlin
        Sütterlin observing the camera in DOT control room         Sütterlin observing the sun in DOT control room

Darrel Torgerson's 2001 DOT photographs:
        DOT with sunrise mountain shadow         DOT with low sun         DOT in full glory
        DOT with setting sun         DOT with binary sun
        DOT with green flash         DOT with clouds

Data-acquisition system, February 2001:
        Hammerschlag mounting a filter
        New G-band channel (on-axis tube)         Close-up of G-band tube         Close-up of prime focus
        Fiber connectors on DOT         Fiber exits in Swedish building
        Five-computer image acquisition rack
        UPS (safeguard against lightning damage)

Mechanical structure, 1999-2001:
        DOT with cooling water tank & pipe         DOT on its platform         Close-up of DOT on platform
        DOT drives         DOT primary
        Tower bottom with workshops         Tower bottom with workshops         Tower bottom with fallen ice

In less good weather, October 1999:
        DOT open, with water tank         DOT top, with prime focus tube
        Primary mirror (covered) with declination wheel, support struts, guider scope
        Mirror with strut connectors, suction hose
        Hour-angle wheel and mirror support
        Seykora-Beckers scintillometer with anti-falcon needle
        Data pipeline to the Swedish building
        R. Hammerschlag in his telescope         R. Hammerschlag as DOT surgeon
        C. Denker, Ph. Goode, L. Strous, R. Hammerschlag         R. Hammerschlag, F. Bettonvil, F. Paletou         R. Hammerschlag, F. Bettonvil, G. Molodij
        SVST from DOT, F. Bettonvil on the ladder         DOT closed, R. Hammerschlag on the ladder
        Clouds over DOT and WHT

During optics tests, November-December 1997:
        DOT pointed at the sun         DOT close-up         DOT at sunset in Sahara dust

At the First Light Ceremony, October 31, 1997:
        Site overview looking North         DOT and WHT:  two telescopes sharing royal interest
        G. and R. Hammerschlag, C. van Scheijndel, E. van der Zalm, T. van Schie, F. Bettonvil         J. Carlos Torres and L. Pérez Machin with champagne
        V. Martinez Pillet, O. von der Lühe         J. van Himbergen, F. van den Beemt
        J. Veldhuis, W. Bentinck van Schoonheten, J. Ritzen, M. Hermoso Rojas, Prins Willem-Alexander van Oranje
        Speech by R. van Duinen         Speech by J. Veldhuis         Speech by J. Ritzen
        DOT First Light Ceremony performed by Prins Willem-Alexander and M. Hermoso Rojas
        Prins Willem-Alexander and R. Hammerschlag in DOT elevator

Within the canopy, 1997:
        DOT mirror + focus         DOT mirror + laser         DOT mirror covered, with Rob Hammerschlag
        DOT focus         DOT focus with Felix Bettonvil
        DOT with ghosts

On La Palma, 1996:
        DOT on its tower, with Anke and Rob Hammerschlag
        DOT and SVST         DOT as part of the skyline
        DOT platform hoisting         DOT tower fastening
        DOT christening ceremony

In Delft, 1990 - 1996:
        DOT clamshell canopy
        DOT builder Rob Hammerschlag and his telescope
        DOT technician Piet Hoogendoorn with DOT gears

On paper, 1975:
        DOT sketch