Paddle Grand Canyon 1978, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015

Glenn Canyon dam.   The good thing about it may be that, presently, the Grand Canyon is virtually insect-free all summer - the deep-lake flow feeding the Colorado is too regular, cold, alkaline.   But I hope that the dam collapses soon.  When it does, how fast and high will the flash flood run?  Can a warning ranger outpace it per speedboat from Lee's Ferry,  or must downstream parties be told per helicopter to climb up?  How fast, how high must they climb?  What flora and fauna will populate the ex-Lake Powell silt flats?  Meadows and cows?  How long will the river take to re-carve out Glenn Canyon?  Will the flash flood smooth out the present Grand Canyon rapids?  How long before the NPS permits canoe trips through Glenn and Grand Canyons?  How long until Page is a ghost town?  How long before the bureaucrats decide to rebuild the dam?

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