Recipes for IDL

IDL, Interactive Data Language, is a 1970s programming language for image analysis.  It remains expensive and gets replaced by Python.  Traditionally, IDL was popular in astronomy and medical imaging.  In solar physics the large SolarSoft library requires IDL until portage to Python is complete.

If you want to use IDL programs from my libraries download the zip collection, unzip, and include rridl in your IDL search path.

Simple IDL instruction  for astronomy students:   [.txt]   [.pdf]   [.html]

My IDL software for datacube analysis with an instruction  for DOT students:   [.txt]   [.pdf]   [.html]   [zip of all files]

My IDL software for image and image sequence manipulation and analysis

My IDL software for image sequences in fits files

My IDL software to process DOT image sequences     (DOT = Dutch Open Telescope)

My IDL software to process SST image sequences     (SST = Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope)

My IDL software to get and co-align SDO image sequences     (SDO = Solar Dynamics Observatory,   manual:  [.txt]   [.pdf]   [.html]   hands-on demo:  [.txt]   [.pdf]   [.html])

My IDL software to process GONG Halpha image sequences     (GONG = Global Oscillation Network Group)

My IDL software for RH input and output processing     (RH = H.  Uitenbroek's spectrum synthesis program)

My IDL software for LTE line formation     (LTE = Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium)

My IDL library tree:   collected in a zip file      link to the top      link to explanations

My IDLWAVE setup in .emacs

Why IDL counts fingers from zero       more Edsger Dijkstra wisdom