%% file: linux-brief-manual.txt = unix basics for micro$oft windies
%% last: Apr  6 2021  Rob Rutten  Deil

                     Robert J. Rutten

                 Lingezicht Astrophysics
          Institutt for Teoretisk Astrofysikk Oslo 

This very brief unix/lunix tutorial was initially written for
operating-system-challenged DOT students ("windie dotties"):
I also have Ubuntu installation recipes at
and some unix/linux recipes at
See also:
  mkdir somename    # make new subdir 
  cd somename
  pwd               # print working directory
  cd ..             # go one back up; one . means "this directory"
  cd                # go to top = your "root" = ~/.
  cd ~rutten        # go to my root ("home") directory
  chmod 644 file    # open file for reading by others 
  chmod 755 dir     # make directory accessible for others
  ls                # list directory content
  ls -l             # more info
  ls -aF            # list also system files starting with a .
  cp file dir/.     # copy file into other directory
  cp -upr dir path  # copy dir with all in and under to other location
  mv filea fileb    # mv = move, to another dir or rename
  rm file           # rm = remove = delete 
  rm -rf dir        # delete dir with everything in and under it

  #!/bin/csh        first line of a script (shell eg csh, bash, etc)
  cd ~/bin          # directory to put executable scripts in 
  chmod 755 script  # make script executable, also by others
  rehash            # activate new scripts

file copy to or from remote computer
  scp user@venus.phys.uu.nl:/home/students/user/file .
        # copy file from there to here
        ## first time: say yes at authentication question
  scp file user@venus.phys.uu.nl:/home/students/user/. 
        # copy file from here to there

  scp -r user@venus.phys.uu.nl:/home/students/user/dir .
        # copy dir with all in it / under it from there to here

remote session
  ssh -X user@venus.phys.uu.nl    # open remote session with X windows 

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