USO School "Solar Magnetism"

This school was organized by the Utrecht-Stockholm-Oslo Graduate School for Solar Physics funded by the EC's Marie Curie EST program.   It was held during June 28 - July 4 2009 at ASTRON, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands.   Schoolmasters: Tayeb Aiouaz and Rob Rutten.  Local organization: Fritz Möller (ASTRON).

Lecturers and lectures:
       Christoph Keller:  Solar Magnetism - Spectropolarimetry
       Stefaan Poedts:   Solar Magnetism - MHD Theory
       Oskar Steiner:   Solar Magnetism - MHD Simulations
       Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi:   Solar Magnetism - Activity and Cycle
       Lyndsay Fletcher:   Solar Magnetism - Flares and CMEs

       Group photo 1        Group photo 2

School poster (click for pdf):